We are pleased to come back to Kashiwa-no-ha City for the venue of BLAH4. Kashiwa-no-ha city, which is located about 30 km to the east of central Tokyo, was the venue for the first BLAH in 2015. It is a newly developed area as a "smart city" by a collaboration of Mitsui Group., Hitachi, and University of Tokyo. As it is a rapidly developed area, the participants to BLAH1 may be able to enjoy how it has been changed compared to 3 years ago.

Kashiwa-no-ha is directly connected to Akihabara, the symbolic area of electronic stuff, by the Tsukuba express railroad line, which will take 30 ~ 40 minutes.

In the city, the venue of BLAH4 is the building of "University of Tokyo Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Station Satellite", which is right next to the "Kashiwa-no-ha Campus" station.

Kashiwanoha Campus Station Satellite, The University of Tokyo



 Room 108 (the main hall)


(11th - 13th)

 Room 605 (the main hackathon room)

 Room 604 (for small meetings)


For convenience of the participants, we have reserved some rooms in Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwa-no-ha. It is located right next to the venue. If you want to stay at the hotel, please specify it when you make your registration. For those who want to find their lodge themselves, it is recommended to find one near a station of the Tsukuba express line.
Below is special rate for BLAH attendants:
  • Hotel single room: 8700 JPY/night
  • Hotel double room: 9200 JPY/night (1 person)
  • Serviced apartment single: 9000 JPY/night


There will be a welcome reception in the evening of 10th, at the Italian restaurant, Comesta, which is at the ground floor of Mitsui Garden Kashiwa-no-ha. While there will be a financial support from DBCLS for food, Japanese regulation does not allow us to sponsor for drinks, and each participant is asked to pay 2,000JPY for attendance.

Access from Narita Airport

  • Route 1) Direct Express Bus (most convenient but operated only two times a day)
    1. Take the Matsudo and Kashiwa Line of Narita Airport Express Bus to Kashiwa-no-ha Campus (1.2 hours).
      (Get off at the stop of Kashiwa-no-ha Campus, and the venue will be in front of you.)
  • Route 1) Limousine Bus - Tsukuba express (recommended If you have heavy bags)
    1. Take the Airport Limousine Bus to Yashio Station North Exit (1.5 hours)
    2. Take the Tsukuba express line and get off at Kashiwa-no-ha Campus (18 minutes)
    3. Take the West exit (left hand side) out, and you will see "Mitsui Garden Hotel" in 150m
  • Route 2) Skyliner - JR - Tsukuba express (recommended if you prefer trains than buses)
    1. Take Keisei Skyliner to Nippori
    2. Change to the JR line and go to Akihabara
    3. Change to the Tsukuba express line and get off at Kashiwa-no-ha Campus
    4. Take the West exit (left hand side) out, and you will see "Mitsui Garden Hotel" in 150m

Access from Haneda Airport

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